Zoom Meetings With Me

As well as the 'Celtic Goddesses and Gods' around the Grove meetings, described below,

I am also available for private one-to-one, and small group, Z00m sessions

(£30 per half hour)

Upon any topic that I am knowledgeable about,

Just email me with your enquiry.


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Throughout 2024, our third perambulation around the Ogham Grove,

we'll be focusing upon which Celtic Goddesses and Gods correspond best with each tree.

These sessions will explore the deities of both Celtic mythology (the written stories)

as well as the archaeology and inscriptions found in Celtic Europe.

We will also incorporate comparative study of Northern European

and Classical Mediterranean cultures

(Norse, Germanic, Greek, Roman, and Egyptian).

In the year cycle of the Ogham Grove, the Sun transitions from one 'tree' to another, approximately every eighteen to nineteen days or so.  These meetings occur

on the 'cusp days' when the Sun moves from one tree to another. 

The coming cusp days of 2024 are...

Saturday 30th December (2023) ~ Yew to Birch day, to focus upon the Birch tree.

Wednesday 17th January ~ Birch to Rowan day, to focus upon the Rowan tree.

Sunday 4th February ~ Rowan to Alder day, to focus upon the Alder tree.

Thursday 22nd February ~ Alder to Willow day, to focus upon the Willow tree.

Monday 11th March ~ Willow to Ash day, to focus upon the Ash tree.

Friday 29th March ~ Ash to Hawthorn day, to focus upon the Hawthorn tree.

Tuesday 16th April ~ Hawthorn to Oak day, to focus upon the Oak tree.

Sunday 5th May ~ Oak to Holly day, to focus upon the Holly tree.

Thursday 23rd May ~ Holly to Hazel day, to focus upon the Hazel tree.

Tuesday 11th June ~ Hazel to Apple day, to focus upon the Apple tree.

Sunday 30th June ~ Apple to Vine day, to focus upon the Vine tree.

Friday 19th July ~ Vine to Ivy day, to focus upon Ivy.

Wednesday 7th August ~ Ivy to Broom day, to focus upon Broom.

Sunday 25th August ~ Broom to Blackthorn day, to focus upon the Blackthorn tree.

Friday 13th September ~ Blackthorn to Elder day, to focus upon the Elder tree.

Tuesday 1st October ~ Elder to Pine day, to focus upon the Pine tree.

Saturday 19th October ~ Pine to Gorse day, to focus upon the Gorse tree.

Wednesday 6th November ~ Gorse to Heather day, to focus upon Heather.

Sunday 24th November ~ Heather to Aspen day, to focus upon the Aspen tree.

Thursday 12th December ~ Aspen to Yew day, to focus upon tthe Yew tree.

Time ~ these sessions run from 7.00pm to 8.30pm UK time.

Commitment ~ each session is a stand alone event and as such there is no obligation,

or expectation, that attendees return again and again.



Format ~ these sessions run for 90-minutes each.

The first 15-minutes are for general conversation,

Then there is a powerpoint presentation

followed by a group discussion (all of which is recorded for YouTube),

Finally there is a meditation/visualisation to the tree/deity of the moment

(which is not recorded).


Cost ~ is £6.00 per person (about $7.40)

How to pay ~ send me an email.  Please give your email the topic of 'Ogham Zoom',

and after your payment has been received I shall add your email address to the mailing list, and you will be sent the link to the Zoom meeting on the day of the session - 

which is just a simple security measure; if your name's not on the list you can't come in.