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The Ogham Grove is a modern way of working with the Ogham, as both a year wheel

and as a sacred circle, or grove; for both solitary rituals and group work within a sacred landscape - and as an internal, astral sanctuary, within one's own mind - one's inner grove.

Whilst the Ogham Grove is a modern way of working with the Ogham, it is actually based upon the oldest known tree sequence attributed to the Ogham; that which was recorded in The Scholar's Primer - which was compiled into the Book of Ballymote circa 1390 AD.

Of course the Ogham may have corresponded with specific trees long before 1390 AD

but there is no earlier evidence.  The oldest evidence of the Ogham writing system is that of inscribed pillar-stones; the oldest of which appear to date to the 4th century.

Simply, the Ogham Grove is created by placing the trees of the Ogham, evenly spaced (every 18 degrees), around a circle; when one does this, all manner of meaningful patterns begin to emerge - aligning trees (and their mythological lore) with specific stars, deities, and times of the year.  This opens up exciting new fields of research into Celtic studies.

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