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Summer Magic: Sacred Waters & the Spirits of the Land


A schedule of half-day and full-day events,

hosted by Yuri Leitch, with some special guests along the way.


Focusing upon developing (in a gentle and easy-going way)

a meaningful connection with both the outer landscape of the external world,

and the inner landscape of one’s heart and mind;

by having fun exploring mysticism and psychism

with friendly like-minded people.


Each event is a stand-alone event, and you do not have to attend all of them, you can pick and mix, or just come to one.  However, some events will be limited to a certain number of participants, so you do need to book in advance, to secure a place.  Other events are more casual affairs, that you don’t need to book, and the cost is simply by donation.


Meet-up locations, and times, will be kept confidential until the day before each event - so you need to send your email address to be put on the contact list.

Car-sharing will be encouraged, especially on the 'Questing' days

More events may be added later, and as events get booked up I will mark them here as 'fully booked' - so keep popping back to keep up-to-date.


For an explanation of the terms ‘Tree Gung’ and ‘Questing’ see further down the page.

For further information send an email to

Friday 29th July ~ I will be giving a presentation about Celtic goddesses at the Glastonbury Goddess Conference; see their own website for further information.

Saturday 30th July ~ Tree Gung in Glastonbury.  Two sessions available, one in the morning, 10.00am until midday; and another session in the evening, 6.00pm till 8.00pm.  both sessions are by donation and you do not need to book.

Sunday 31st July ~ Goddess Ceremony in Glastonbury; see their website for further information.

Monday 1st August ~ Stourhead Day.  Meet in the carpark late morning and spend the day at Stourhead.  In the early afternoon I will give a tour around the temples and grotto, explaining some of the esoteric intrigues of this purpose-built ritual-landscape garden - and we will conclude with a meditation somewhere off the beaten track, to tune into the Spirits of Place.  Stourhead is pricey enough, so this event is free, although donations are appreciated.  No need to book but send an email for the rendezvous time.

   ~ Monday evening ~ Sacred Waters and the Spirits of the Land.  An evening presentation for Wellspring, at Rode Chapel, Rode, near Frome.  Focusing upon the four rivers that flowed out of the Great Forest (Coit Mawr) to the four directions (north, south, east, and west), and still do - the Frome flows north, the Wylie flows east, the Stour flows south, and the Brue flows west to Glastonbury Tor, 'Avalon', and to the sun setting down into the Sabrina Sea - touching upon the traditional 17th century witches of Somerset; the lords of Stourton; and the occult intrigues of 19th and 20th century Glastonbury.  For further information visit the 'Wellspring' Facebook group, or call Caroline Williams on 01373 831046.  Presentation starts at 7.30pm and the cost is £5 per person.

Tuesday 2nd August ~ Questing - The Melkarth Line.  An eight hour day,  from King Alfred's Tower, Stourhead (no entrance fee) into the heart of the Glastonbury Zodiac and beyond.  Limited to 15 participants, cost is £20 per person.

Wednesday 3rd August ~ Questing - The Great Forest and the Four Rivers.  An eight hour day in the sacred landscape around Stourhead (no entry fees).  Looking at sacred waters and the Celtic/Druidic ancestral past.  Limited to 15 participants, cost is £20 per person.

   ~ Wednesday evening ~ Drumming circle on sacred land, connecting to the ancestors.  You'll need a blanket and refreshments, and bring your own drum if you want to.  There will be a camp fire.  If we get rained-off we'll find a country pub to spend a few hours talking about esoteric ideas.  Limited to 15 participants, cost is £10 per person.

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