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As one of the founder members of the Glastonbury Dragon's Celebrations (GDC) I am very proud to host the first ever 'Dragon Con'; a conference to help raise funds to support GDC.  We are a community focussed group that has long term plans of establishing our own office/space/shop in Glastonbury, for promoting local arts, music, dance, and theatre; we intend to excel at celebrations - to give everybody a great time in our very special town.
Tickets for this conference can only be purchased online, through PayPal; as this is to raise immediate funds towards our May Fayre 2017, Beltane celebrations.  There are only 120 tickets available - when they are gone, they are gone.  First come first served.  Tickets cost £20 each - this is for an eight hour conference of five speakers and an hour of theatre; the full schedule is further down this page.
To purchase a ticket you need to email me at yuri13oct@yahoo.co.uk and title 'Dragon Con' as your email topic. On receiving your payment you will be emailed your own ticket with your name and seat number upon it - which you'll need to print out and hand in on the day to enter the conference... see sample ticket here.


We hope the conference will be a 'sell-out' which - if it is - will mean that there will not be tickets available on the day at the door.


The conference will be at The Glastonbury Assembly Rooms, on Glastonbury High Street. Saturday 29th April, 2017.

The Assembly Rooms has its own café which will be open throughout the day, and speakers will have their own tables for selling books and chatting to conference attendees.


Here follows the full programme for the day...




9.30am ~ Doors Open

10.00 ~ 10.45; Yuri Leitch, 'The Glastonbury Dragons and Dragon Lore'.

11.00 ~ 11.45; Peter Knight, 'Dragons in Ancient Cultures...'

12.00 ~ 12.45; Alan Royce, 'Hunting Somerset Dragons...'

12.45 ~ 2.00; Lunch Break

2.00 ~ 2.45; Gary Biltcliffe, 'Communications with Dragons'.

3.00 ~ 3.45; Richard Freeman, 'Dragons, More than a Myth?'.

4.00 ~ 4.45; Live Theatre ~ 'In the Shadow of the Tor'.

5.00 ~ Doors Close.


See further down for more details...



Yuri Leitch is a Glastonbury artist, illustrator, and author; a founder member of GDC and is its current Chairperson.  Yuri will start the day with a presentation about the Glastonbury Dragons and an overview of Dragon Lore in general.  He'll finish by focussing on two aspects that appeal to him personally, Dragons in Star Lore and Dragon Energy in Chinese Martial Arts.


Peter Knight is the author of many books including, The Wessex Astrum, The Cerne Giant, Stolen Images: Pagan Symbolism and Christianity, and his latest book, Dartmoor Mindscape.  Peter will give a talk entitled 'Dragons in Ancient Cultures and their Adoption by Christianity'.  If you click on Peter's photo it will jump you to his own website.


 Alan Royce is a Glastonbury based artist and writer.  He is a well loved figure in town, often scribbling down complicated diagrams on café napkins to share his insights into ancient Mystery Traditions and Glastonbury's occult history.  He'll be giving a talk about the book, Hunting Somerset Dragons, and working with dragon energies of the land, the heavens, and those within one's self!


Gary Biltcliffe is the author of The Spine of Albion and The Spirit of Portland.  Gary will talk about his experiences of reciprocal communications with dragon energy lines along many of the great alignments through Britain including the St Michael Line, the Belinus Line, and the recently discovered Holy Axis.  This presentation will highlight many sacred places where he has had some remarkable experiences whilst healing or balancing the dragon forces of the land - with the realisation that others were misusing this vital energy.  If you click on Gary's photo it will jump you to his own website.


Richard Freeman is a cryptozoologist and is the author of Dragons: More Than a Myth, and Explore Dragons.  He has searched for mysterious creatures all around the world; including the Tasmanian wolf, the yeti, the Mongolian deathworm, the ninki-nanka, the orang-pendek, the giant anaconda and the almasty.  He is the zoological Director of the Centre for Fortean Zoology in Devon.  The dragon is the most widespread, ancient and powerfull of all monster archetypes.  It is found in every culture on Earth and reaches back over 25,000 years.  There are even reports of encounters with dragons in the modern age.  In this talk  Richard will look at the theories of what lies behind dragon legends and asks if dragons could be real, living entities.   Click on his photo to jump to his own website.




Shadow of the Tor are one of GDC's great success stories.  The writers and performers of the Beltane and Samhain celebrations loved doing it so much that they went off and created their own amateur theatre group... and this is what GDC is for, whether it is Morris Dancing, Mummers Plays, Ceremony, or Theatre... encouraging the arts, building up the community spirit, and encouraging visitors to come to our town and share the celebrations with us.


 ~ 'Shadow of the Tor Theatre Group present the imaginatively titled, 'In the Shadow of the Tor'.  As accurate as we can be, in 6o minutes, we'll take you through a brief telling of the religious history of the lands surrounding Glastonbury Tor from the dawn of time until the present day, as told from the perspective of a personified Tor.   Using multiple styles of theatre we'll take you through a series of sketches involving Dragons, Gwyn ap Nudd, Angels, Henry VIII and many more.   Some encounters are humorous, some quite serious, and others... just plain bizarre

To find out more about Shadow of the Tor look for their facebook page called, you've guessed it, 'Shadow of the Tor'.