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The Ogham Grove is formed of the twenty traditional ogham trees placed in their correct sequence.

Yew is in the north for Winter Solstice; Ash is in the east for Spring Equinox; Apple in the south for Summer Solstice; and Elder in the west for the Autumn Equinox.

For more detail see my Ogham Year Wheel page.


The Ogham Grove is something that has both an inner (astral realm) reality and an outer (physical world) reality. It is both a sacred grove in your mind and also a pouch of twigs that you can use in many ways.


You should gather your ogham twigs yourself; and you should take your time doing so. How you go about doing that is up to you. I suggest taking your time. Give your attention to each tree, one at a time; don't be hungry to gather them all at once.

Each twig represents its parent tree but it also represents the place that the parent tree lives in. For instance an ash from Avebury, some gorse from Tintagel, or oak from Sherwood. In this way your ogham grove becomes very unique to you and each twig is a psychic link back to the sacred site or location where the parent tree lives. So choose wisely and take your time - your inner realm ogham grove is thus a hub that connects to twenty (or more) specific places.

Trees and Places,
Your ogham grove is.

The twigs in the pouch can be used as an oracle, like the I-Ching or the Runes (each twig represents a letter in the ogham 'alphabet', and has other meanings that are specific to you). Your twigs can also be placed in a circle so that you can sit within your own grove; wherever you are... they represent your inner realm.

You should keep a memory chart so that you can remember when and where you gathered each ogham; like the example below.


At the bottom of this page I have placed a link for you to download a free jpeg of a blank ogham grove chart that you can use to record where and when you gathered your twigs.

The Ogham Grove does not include every tree that exists; significant favourites may be added and 'planted' into the centre of your grove - like Wild Rose, Beech, Horse Chestnut etc. Keppens are 'keepsakes' but they do not represent specific letters of the ogham alphabet.

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