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Tree Lore is a passion of mine and the symbolism and folklore of trees and plants inspires my artwork; for example, if I choose to use oak leaves or ivy in a picture, it is deliberate and it means something - it is never just decoration, it is an invocation of a specific energy of the spirit world.

Under the label of Tree Lore I incorporate many things including - aspects of Celtic Mythology (Native British gods and goddesses); Druidic & 'Cunning Magic'; Herbalism & Plant Spirit Medicine; as well as simple romantic symbolism like the 'Language of Flowers' that was beloved of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. Everything real is Nature.

'The more materialistic science becomes, the more angels shall I paint. Their wings are my protest in favour of the immortality of the soul.'
(Edward Burne Jones)

Edward Burne Jones painted angels, I paint Nature Spirits and Celtic deities, but the sentiment is the same.



The Celtic/Ogham Year Wheel is a calendar constructed by the twenty trees of the Ogham 'alphabet' (each in its correct 'alphabetical' order); each tree relates to a specific time of year and carries its own lore and symbolism; click banner above for more information.


Whittling wood with a pen-knife is a relaxing hobby of mine and a therapeutic way of learning and working with the essence of different types of tree. I create Keppens, Ogham Stakes, Wands, Canes, Staffs and Prayer Fans - these are mindfully created 'Medicine Tools' or 'Cunning Tools'; click banner to see samples of my whittlings and to read further information.


The Ogham Grove is an inner world astral temple that you can create by gathering Ogham sticks (and Keppens) from different significant locations and Sacred Sites that you have made a spiritual pilgrimmage to - each Ogham or Keppen is a physical world connection to the location from whence you gathered it. For further information click the banner above.